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Elegance of sailing

Except perhaps for polo, nothing beats the elegance of sailing. From the yacht club to the ocean and everywhere in between, sailing exudes a special ambiance and attitude that is hard to replicate elsewhere. Few sports (again, polo) compare to sailing. It lends itself to special occasions of anniversaries, birthdays and weddings.
The beauty of the boat strikes you first, at the dock. Even an old boat has a certain panache, as long as it’s in pristine condition. Classic boats define that mold, especially antique Chris Crafts among motorboats. The sleek lines of a sailboat move gracefully like the water.
Elegance of sailingAnd once out on the water, the boat moves through the waves with an effortless glide driven by the wind. The quiet nature of sailing adds to the elegance. No words need to be spoken to capture the moment.
The scene compels a wedding on the water, with everyone dressed in white and decked out in boat shoes. Roses arrives, followed by champagne. Few people have been to a wedding like this.
As the wind builds, the boat begins to heel a few degrees. The hull leans into the water to wash away the week’s problems and worries. The only noise becomes the increased wash of the waves on the hull. This is the music of sailing.
Back at the docks and inside the Yacht Club at the bar, sailors recall the day with a toast.

Let’s go sail

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Elegance of sailing

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