Email bodonovan8@gmail.com and you’ll get a prompt reply.

Fill out the short form on the Book a Charter page and Capt. Bill will respond within hours. If you want to sail today or tomorrow, call him at 757 876-8654.

You’ll enjoy 3 hours of safe and comfortable sailing on a modern single-mast sailboat.

Along the York River, off historic Yorktown.

Simply type the words York River Yacht Haven into your GPS. We’re 28 minutes away from Williamsburg. The marina is in Gloucester Point, opposite Yorktown, and over the bridge.

Cruise for three hours along the magnificent York River, near Williamsburg. Guests get to run the helm and learn the joy of sailing. People rave about a unique experience that’s exciting as well as contemplative. Check out the Captain’s Blog to see how people enjoy great fun and conversation in a safe and unique setting. Call up Williamsburg Charter Sails on Facebook for photos and stories.

  1. Safe & Comfortable Sail
  2. Adult sports adventure
  3. Grab the helm or just relax
  4. Pristine bathroom below
  5. Unique romantic cruise
  6. Check off your bucket list
  7. Great for special occasions
  8. Enjoy nature & sightseeing
  9. Take a short sailing lesson
  10. Buying a boat? Try this first

Come as a couple, a family up to 6 people, or your own private group up to six people.

Yes, we welcome one, two or three unrelated couples at $150 each.

Yes. We’ll send you the best shots for free so you can post or print them as you like.

We meet near the pool 10 minutes before the 11:00 am or 2:30 cruise.

A cooler with bottled water and ice is on board for your drinks, along with the full amenities of an appointed interior salon.

Yes, a working head plus hot and cold water. There’s privacy to change into bathing suits.

Soft-sole walking/running shoes, Sunscreen and a hat. (We offer shade under the half-bimini.) Bring a sweater in Spring or Fall.

Yes, certified US Coast Guard Type 1 PFDs are provided. Optional for adults, but required for kids under 13.

Kids 12 and under can be problematic on a sailboat. They will have to wear life jackets regardless. It’s your call.

Sorry, no. This is a family-friendly enterprise.

At a floating dock, we can roll a wheelchair within 12 inches of the transom to walk him/her on board. No climbing. It’s quick and easy, but we need 24 hours’ notice to reposition the boat.

Yes. Well-behaved dogs are welcome. Cats, not so much.

Yes, simply stipulate that in the Message box of the short form.

No, six maximum. Coast Guard regulations preclude any more, including children.

No, six maximum. Coast Guard regulations preclude any more, including children.

Oh sure. BYO food and snacks as well. Bottled water is provided too.

You’ll get a forecast by email 48 hours prior and at dawn on the day we sail. If it’s raining, we’ll try to reschedule at your convenience. Sometimes an afternoon shower interrupts a sail, but only briefly. If the trip is washed out, you won’t be charged.

They rarely pop up, occasionally in August. So an 11 am departure is best.

Request a day and time by filling out the short Reservation form. It’s that easy.

Certainly. If you want to go today or tomorrow, call Capt. Bill at 757 876-8654.

They are typically 5-15 mph, which is excellent.

Then the sails are easily shortened or “reefed” to ensure comfort and safety for all while still retaining speed.

Yes, heeling is one of the many joys of sailing because it connotes speed. But no more than 10 or 15 degrees, to ensure everyone’s comfort. Anything beyond that is hot-dogging.

Absolutely not. Nor would you be exposed to such conditions. Safety and comfort are paramount to enhancing the fun of our sailing charters.

No, never. Safety is paramount.

Yes, a bimini awning covers the back quarter of the cockpit.

We form up at York River Yacht Haven, which you can type into your GPS. The marina is on the north side of the Coleman Bridge over the York River. The address is 8109 Yacht Haven Road, Gloucester Point VA.

Yes, we do wedding proposals, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, bar mitzvahs, reunions, team-building, small weddings, and burials at sea.

Seven days a week, from mid-March through Thanksgiving.

It’s highly unlikely, since the waves on an inland river are much gentler than those found on the Chesapeake Bay or Atlantic Ocean. For those in doubt, take Dramamine the night before to get it fully into your system. We also have motion sickness wristbands and ginger gum on board.

Six people, usually one family or two/three couples. There may be 2 or 4 more guests on board, but no more than 6 total including you.

No pre-pay or deposit. Pay on the boat with cash, check or VISA/Mastercharge.