Ship Disaster

Ship Disaster

Ship Disaster recounts a similar failing as the Key Bridge in Baltimore.

Yorktown Sail

Brainy Sail

After a decade, they’re taking down the empty fuel tanks at the Yorktown Refinery.

Season Opener

Season Opener

After a shakedown cruise with a delightful couple from Fredericksburg, we launched the season opener with a fellow who brought his wife and sisters-in-law along for his third time at Let’s Go Sail. Since it was a Monday, we were on the lookout for two Moran tugs that would signal an incoming Navy warship. Sure […]

Last Call

Last Call

Last Call recounts the end of dolphin season, plus flying the spinnaker.

Sailing Teamwork

Sailing Teamwork

Let’s go sail the York River, where couples enjoy a serene three hours. Take one of 6 sailing adventures near the Chesapeake Bay for your best vacation excursion: Adventure, Event, Appreciation, History, Lessons, Boat Buying. People ask, “Is teamwork important in sailing?” Very much so. A Portsmouth couple bought a 27 Seward to dock near […]

Navy Sail

Next Day

For six weeks, we saw nary a Navy warship. Then two showed up within two days. Three days later, the first ship left to go out to sea. A New Hampshire couple was aboard, having taken their ASA 101 course on Lake Champlain. I thought it only fitting that the navigate under the Coleman Bridge […]

Elegance of Sailing

Elegance of sailing

People ask, “Can you sum up sailing in one word?” Yes. Except for polo, nothing beats the elegance of sailing. From the yacht club to the ocean and everywhere in between, sailing exudes a special ambiance and attitude that is hard to replicate elsewhere. Few sports compare to sailing. It lends itself to special occasions […]

Farming Sail

We get very few people from Oklahoma, so Melissa and R.T. Green of Leedey were a pleasant surprise. They took their grandson Brier out as part of a vast historical journey. “We were in Washington yesterday,” Melissa said, “and we’re doing Williamsburg and Yorktown here.” The winds were light but steady, a refreshing change from […]

Emergency Sail

Swiss Sail

Emergency Sail recounts tales of the ER and sunning deck, among other items.


Busy Sail

Dolphins explains how they are slowly returning to the York River.