Sailing Teamwork

Sailing Teamwork

Let’s go sail the York River, where couples enjoy a serene three hours. Take one of 6 sailing adventures near the Chesapeake Bay for your best vacation excursion: Adventure, Event, Appreciation, History, Lessons, Boat Buying. People ask, “Is teamwork important in sailing?” Very much so. A Portsmouth couple bought a 27 Seward to dock near […]

Elegance of Sailing

Elegance of sailing

People ask, “Can you sum up sailing in one word?” Yes. Except for polo, nothing beats the elegance of sailing. From the yacht club to the ocean and everywhere in between, sailing exudes a special ambiance and attitude that is hard to replicate elsewhere. Few sports compare to sailing. It lends itself to special occasions […]

Salvage After Storm

Salvage After Storm

People wonder, “Can you salvage a boat after a storm?” The threat of Hurricane Irma loomed large and led to a bevy of oil tankers showing up in the York River. We went sailing on a bright and beautiful day with two delightful couples. A key element was wondering about salvage after storm. Let’s go […]

Secrets to Getting Married on a Sailboat

Secrets to getting married on a sailboat

  I get asked, “Are their secrets to getting married on a sailboat?” Let’s go sail the York River, where couples enjoy a serene three hours. Getting married in a unique setting is all the rage, whether on top of a mountain or in a canyon. These “venue weddings” are big in Williamsburg, where you […]

Open Season

Open Season

After a long winter, Let’s Go Sail launched anew for the second decade.

How Charter Sailing Started

How Sailing Charter Started

Special to the KCSA Bulletin People wonder, How did you start the sailing business?” It started with a few words, Let’s go sail the York River. The object was to let couples sail a serene three hours. In retirement, Kingsmill resident Bill O’Donovan has pursued a charter boat business to share the joy of sailing. […]

Shades of Improved Ego

50 Shades of Improved Sailing Ego

People wonder, “Is sailing an ego trip?” When you start out to sail, you set yourself apart from the rest of mankind who lack your ambition. You have chosen an adventure that takes time to learn, time to hone, time to perfect. Not everyone can do it. Already you feel better. You think, This beats […]

Sailing Wisdom, Life’s Metaphors

Sailing Wisdom. Life's Metaphors

People often ask, “Why is sailing so special?” Unlike any other sport, sailing lends itself to inspiration, as these three illustrations show. No other mode of transportation is so inspiring, except maybe trains (“City of New Orleans”), or the bus ride with Kathy in Simon and Garfunkel’s “America.” Sailing memories are a pleasant reminder of […]

First-Time Sailors

First-Time Sailors

Some people ask, “Can you take me sailing even if I’ve never been on a boat before?” Hop aboard! Ian Whitfield and Makini Clay brought another couple with them from Richmond. They celebrated Ian’s birthday with a unique outdoor adventure near Williamsburg. I asked if he had sailed before? “No, I’ve never been on a […]