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DSC00284Linda Dugan and Dennis Landry came all the way from arid Arizona to Virginia to get married on the water in a uniquely romantic setting.

They chose Williamsburg Charter Sails to go out on the York River for their wedding ceremony. As we sailed to the middle of the river, almost miraculously several pods comprising 20 dolphins greeted them joyously by diving toward the boat, flapping their fins, and jumping out of the water. Dolphins are an ancient symbol of good luck.

The presiding officiator, a Virginia judge and brother of the groom, concluded, “In the presence of friends and family, as well as Flipper and friends, I pronounce you husband and wife.” Within minutes, the dolphins disappeared below the sea and moved on to their next event. It was an amazing day.

To accommodate more wedding guests, you’ll either need a bigger boat or a flotilla of boats. See the video below for creative ideas.

Flooding Worries

DSCN6371Kurt and Lauren Young were visiting Williamsburg with their son, and went sailing nearby on the York River. They were concerned about the latest floods in eastern Kentucky. “Our people are safe, and gone to high ground,” Kurt said. “The danger is in the mountains because the floodwaters build rapidly and come rushing down without warning, washing away homes and everything else.”

Car Wash Pratfalls

Drew Biasotto owns and operates six full-service car washes in and around Wilmington, Delaware. He described some pratfalls while sailing with his wife Kim near Williamsburg.

“We make mistakes, things happen, we pay for it. But we don’t want to get a reputation as an easy mark, so we fight the bogus claims. One time, a woman slipped and fell, and guess what. A man behind her caught it all on video that he was playing with on his new camera. She tried to include it as evidence, but they found it clearly staged.

“Another time, we had a dubious slip-and-fall but we couldn’t prove anything about the woman making the claim. Her lawyer held out for $50,000 and our lawyer offered to settle for $20,000. Her lawyer said, ‘No way, we’re going for the entire amount.’ Sure enough, the judge found us at fault and ruled in her favor. He awarded her $350.”

Let’s Go for a Sailboat Wedding

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