Circumnavigation Sail

John Baker of nearby Gloucester and Joshu and Maryanne Gobrogge of Hancock MI joined up for an afternoon sailing lesson. Joshua has a small boat that he sails on a pond, while John is planning to circumnavigate the world. “Well, first I have to circumnavigate the Chesapeake Bay. I’ve always wanted to go to sea, […]

Ship Disaster

Ship Disaster

Ship Disaster recounts a similar failing as the Key Bridge in Baltimore.

Yorktown Sail

Brainy Sail

After a decade, they’re taking down the empty fuel tanks at the Yorktown Refinery.

Season Opener

Season Opener

After a shakedown cruise with a delightful couple from Fredericksburg, we launched the season opener with a fellow who brought his wife and sisters-in-law along for his third time at Let’s Go Sail. Since it was a Monday, we were on the lookout for two Moran tugs that would signal an incoming Navy warship. Sure […]

Last Call

Last Call

Last Call recounts the end of dolphin season, plus flying the spinnaker.

Sailing Teamwork

Sailing Teamwork

Let’s go sail the York River, where couples enjoy a serene three hours. Take one of 6 sailing adventures near the Chesapeake Bay for your best vacation excursion: Adventure, Event, Appreciation, History, Lessons, Boat Buying. People ask, “Is teamwork important in sailing?” Very much so. A Portsmouth couple bought a 27 Seward to dock near […]

Navy Sail

Next Day

For six weeks, we saw nary a Navy warship. Then two showed up within two days. Three days later, the first ship left to go out to sea. A New Hampshire couple was aboard, having taken their ASA 101 course on Lake Champlain. I thought it only fitting that the navigate under the Coleman Bridge […]

Farming Sail

We get very few people from Oklahoma, so Melissa and R.T. Green of Leedey were a pleasant surprise. They took their grandson Brier out as part of a vast historical journey. “We were in Washington yesterday,” Melissa said, “and we’re doing Williamsburg and Yorktown here.” The winds were light but steady, a refreshing change from […]

Emergency Sail

Swiss Sail

Emergency Sail recounts tales of the ER and sunning deck, among other items.


Busy Sail

Dolphins explains how they are slowly returning to the York River.