Back to the Bay

Back to the Bay
Dolphin jumping

Kelly Mikeselle took her family from Indiana on a sightseeing sail June 24, and they got to see dolphins in the York River. It’s the earliest that dolphin have arrived, since they usually show up with the warmer water in August. The river is already 80 degrees. Three fish were spotted frolicking a half-mile south of the mouth of the Severn River. They disappeared in a moment, thus no photo. We also saw a large skate skimming along below the surface of the water, skating actually.

Sailing with Pathologist

Back to the Bay
She does autopsies

People ask, “Do you get guests with special skills?” Pathologist Tricia Cottrell does autopsies at Johns Hopkins Hospital, but not all of them. “The state Medical Examiner [office] gets the hard cases of crimes, accidents, unreported sudden death, overdose, and child abuse. Overdose is a big one in Baltimore. The Medical Examiner’s team of doctors sets up in a large, well-lighted room, with a high ceiling, to begin cutting precisely at 9 a.m. every day. They can only tell what the evidence tells them.” Dr. Cottrell paused and added, “We have a separate room for decomposition, where things move further along.” We sailed along the York, silently contemplating the scene.

He Showed Them Sailing

Bob Norman of northern Virginia used to sail a MacGregor 26 and a Catalina 30 on the upper Chesapeake Bay. He recaptured the moment for his niece Erica and her family from Chesapeake when he sailed them straight out the York River to the edge of the Bay in a brisk wind that washed spray over the bow and pushed the boat past 10 mph, heeling to everyone’s delight.

They saw the US Navy destroyer Stout enter the river and the Coast Guard Eagle depart. “I love the water and all that it represents,” Bob said wistfully. “This brings back fond memories of sailing off the West River near Annapolis and across to St. Michael’s. They were among the best moments of my life.”

Let’s Go Sail Back to the Bay

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back to the bay back to the bay


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