October 13, 2014 Sailing

Best Sailing Movies





Geni and John’s Nautical web page ranks hundreds of movies going back to the 1930s. Dead Calm is a thriller starring Nicole Kidman. It was filmed almost entirely at sea and presents accurately the difficulty of navigating under terrible conditions. White Squall, starring Jeff Bridges, ranks as “one of the best sailing movies ever made” for its excellent story as well as breath-taking sailing. Wind recounts an America’s Cup race with real 12-meter boats. John found it “preferable to the real thing since Matthew Modine and Jennifer Grey are better-looking and more likable than Dennis Conner.” Captain Ron is a hilarious comedy starring Kurt Russell and Martin Short, with competent sailing scenes. John hated Open Water 2: Adrift, but I liked it for posing a dilemma in which three couples dive off their sailboat to swim and can’t get back on. To complicate matters, an infant is left alone in the cabin.


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