Sailing Crazy

“Right out of college, I worked for the state of New Hampshire under Governor Mel Thomson. He was crazy. One time he shut down the entire state government so everyone could search for his favorite pen because he lost it. He found out the next day that his brother had inadvertently taken it off his desk…”

Sailing Crazy

She continued, “I’m hyper and walk fast, and one day I rounded the corner in a hall and accidentally ran right into Gov. Thomson. He was upset and wanted to know who would do that to him, but no one would give me up, thankfully… I hung up the phone on him once. We had strict orders back then not to accept any collect calls. He called in — collect — and I wouldn’t take the call. I was following policy. He was furious.” –Tammy Valley, now living in Durham, North Carolina, while sailing the York River with her friend Donna Holland

Sailing with Mentors

People ask, “Do your guests ever inspire you?” Myla and Jim McGuire of Oro Valley, Arizona, are mentoring a 17-year-old orphan who resides in a group home. While sailing the York River, Myla explained: “He has issues, of course, but he’s a good boy. We take him out for a good time and act as a sounding board. Jim is mentoring him now in math, which can be frustrating. We hope to get him into college. He’s taking his SATs next week, so we’ll see. He gives as much to us and we do to him. It’s very rewarding. I talk about this in the hope that people will take on foster children to mentor.”

Homeschooling Proof

Big on homeschooling

A litmus test of whether homeschooling works is how the kids do if they decide to matriculate public school. Sharon Brockman’s three children were progressing well when the older boy chose to go to high school to play football. “For the first marking period, he got all A’s except for a B in Shop, of all things,” she reported while sailing the York River with her husband Dave. “He’s setting the curve in his chemistry class. Our son is loving life now. I’m telling him to set the bar high and he’s saying, ‘No, it’s okay. I still study harder than all the others.’” His performance is all the more impressive because he has been treated for dyslexia.

Let’s Go Sailing Crazy

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sailing crazy sailing crazy

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