Sailing to Security“My husband I operate a hardware and country store way outside Richmond. One night after dark as we were preparing to leave, a deputy raced up with his emergency lights on, and I thought, ‘Good, they saw our store lights and responded to check on us.’ My husband was fixing to leave and the two cars were facing each other with their headlights on, but the deputy kept spinning his red and blue lights. Three or four minutes went by, a standoff. Finally I marched out with my hands up between the lights and smiled, ‘Hi, I’m Nicole and we own this store.’ Still, nothing happened. I could tell he was young, maybe 19 years old and nervous. Later we joked that he was calling his mom.” –Nicole Stampley, recounted while sailing the York River

Sailing to Security

Life-Changing Experience

“When I was 17 I had a life-changing experience. My mentor was Jim Pihos, who eventually owned 42 McDonald’s restaurants including No. 7 in Chicago. We took his 57-foot yacht up Lake Michigan to Sheboygan and met Ray Kroc with his 165-foot Burger yacht. They went out, leaving me and the first mate as the only ones left. We went out and rounded up as many girls as we could –which was many— and took them back for a big party. At one point I went up to the bridge and sat there overlooking Ray Kroc’s boat. I thought, ‘This is what I want out of life, to become a successful entrepreneur.’ And I did.”–Gary McHugh, who today has 100 employees in a landscaping business serving greater Milwaukee, as told while sailing the York River

Ferry Crossing (Sailing to Security)

??????????People ask, “What about the Jamestown Ferry?” Crossing the James past Jamestown on a ferry one late summer morning in 2014 reveals ominous skies. Can it be that the East Coast has not had a single hurricane this season? Edouard formed in the past few days in the far northern Atlantic, and it should remain out to sea. What luck… so far.

Soccer vs. Rugby

Sailing to Security
Rugby defined

Sheila and Russ Abelein of Long Island raised their children to play competitive sports, including rugby. She recounted while sailing the York River, “They say in Europe that soccer presents as a gentleman’s game played by thugs, while rugby presents as a thug’s sport played by gentlemen.”

Let’s Go Sailing to Security

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sailing to security sailing to security sailing to security

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