Sailing with Foodies
The Gallos

Mike and Kate Cash of Kansas City enjoyed their honeymoon sailing on the York River. They are avid cooks and devotees of the Food Channel, where they follow acclaimed Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

Sailing with Foodies
Kate Cash

By sheer luck, we also took aboard Kathi and Chef Ron Gallo of JoJo Restaurant in New York. JoJo is one of 50 restaurants owned worldwide by Jean-Georges. Ron regaled us with stories. Why are chefs so temperamental? “They are under intense pressure every night. You only get that one chance to feed people that one meal.” Kathi added, “Every table is a deadline.” She works the front desk of another restaurant. Ron started years ago with Jean-Georges. “Everybody wants to work for him. Now that he’s a millionaire world figure, he’s still the same. He yells at me just like before,” he grinned. Despite all the crazy hours of working holidays and running a restaurant with 11 cooks, “I never missed any of my daughter’s school plays.”

Sailing Homeschoolers

Love the BVI

Here’s an added feature to home-schooling. Every winter Lori and Jason Eitel of Conifer, Colorado, take their four children and their curriculum to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. They stay four months at her parents’ house (her dad raced in the America’s Cup) and take the kids on unique field trips. At home, she has a network of mom specialists for various subjects. Back in the BVI, Jason installs Wi-Fi routers on charter yachts and enjoys the Caribbean sun and winds all winter with his family. Here I thought I had the perfect job. To get a sense of what it’s like to sail Tortola and the British Virgin Islands, check out the video below.

Sailor’s Wisdom

People ask me, “Do you hear any good jokes on the boat?” “At Pebble Beach, I met a golfer who been married six times. I told him I was married 30 years to the same woman. That day I bought an expensive gold necklace for my wife and a .45 pistol for me. The golfer said, ‘My wife would never let me buy a .45.’ Well, first you’ve got to give her the expensive gold necklace!” – Stephen Coe, while sailing the York River

Let’s Go Sailing with Foodies

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sailing with foodies sailing with foodies

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