Wednesday Night RacesPeople ask, “Do you race?” No. Here in 2013 we dodged the Wednesday night sailboat races (in background).But they were colorful as boats of different sizes popped their spinnakers going on the downwind track.

This is group of timeshare concierges and activities directors. They took a complimentary “fam tour” or familiarization tour to better promote Let’s Go Sail among their resort guests. 

Racing is fun if you’re competitive, while sailing alone at dusk can be much more contemplative and rewarding. Plus your boat won’t collide with another upon rounding the marks. Racers get “racing streaks” on their hulls when they skim a buouy too closely. 

Eagle Has Departed

Wednesday Night RacesThe USCG tall ship Eagle departed Yorktown on the York River with a special gift of “The American Practical Navigator,” published in 1802 by famed mathematician Nathaniel Bowditch and still considered the mariner’s bible on the water. A copy of the book was presented to the duty officer by David Bowditch, a descendant whose Hornsby House B&B overlooks the Coast Guard Training Center in Yorktown where the Eagle was docked for two days for tours and training.

ASA Basic Class

Three friends from Norfolk who work in the medical profession also go to the same church. Jason Boyd, Shaun Alkema and Trevor Kuttler took SailTime’s ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing class, and they wisely headed in before the wrath of God rolled down the James River to Willoughby Bay.

Melanie and Horace Gilchrest of Portsmouth took their three sons on Willoughby Bay aboard SailTime’s 22-foot Catalina Capri. She last sailed a 14-foot Sunfish years ago. “This is much better than that and won’t tip over. It’s so easy!”

Let’s Go Sailing Around Wednesday Night Races

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wednesday night races wednesday night races

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