Met My Waterloo

Summer of DolphinsThe delightful Humpal family of Waterloo, Iowa, enjoyed an evening sail on the York River, which they found to be wider than other rivers where they live. It seemed like they hadn’t seen so much water. Eventually their granddaughter asked if we ever see dolphins in the York, “Well, three times this month,” I replied with pride. “Have you ever seen dolphins?” I asked. She said, “We saw them swimming in the ocean, off Virginia Beach… with sharks.” Below is a video of another family new to sailing.

Since this post was filed in mid-2013, dolphins have come into the York with earlier and greater frequency. Then they used to wait until August to get near Goodwin Island at the mouth of the river. Today, they roam upriver as far and beyond the Coleman Bridge and into Sarah Creek. They are amazing to behold.

IMG_20130826_132234_299Argentenia Arrivals

I get asked, “Do you do boat deliveries?” Williamsburg Charter Sails helped Sebastian Salsa and his son Santiago, 13, transit their newly acquired Hunter Cherubini from Hampton to York River Yacht Haven. We saw dolphins, briefly. Then the family recently relocated from Buenos Aires to Richmond for a merchandise manufacturing partnership with a William & Mary alumnus. Small world. Sebastian kept his boat on G Dock and spent many weekend evening sleeping aboard with the children. The following season they left York River Yacht Haven, perhaps for a marina closer to Richmond.

Met My WaterlooBirthday Sail

A surprise birthday sail for Gene Yoder led to a 20-mile run along the York River in brisk winds. His wife Teresa (left) teaches music at Walsingham Academy. Then as our boat speed topped 10 mph, the idle engine prop started to back-wind and began humming underwater. So she described the sound as an E flat 6 and later a D sharp. Who knew?

Let’s Go Sail and Met My Waterloo

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met my waterloo met my waterloo

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