People ask, “Is it hard to fly a spinnaker?” Aron and Caryn Arias took their boys sailing on the York and helped deploy the colorful spinnaker on the bow for running downwind. Aron and Ben (right) have sailed with Boy Scouts in the Florida Keys. Alex ran the helm as Ben raised the spinnaker.

The trick is to have the sheets and tack line already set up. All we have to do is pull up the chute on the spinnaker halyard and then raise the chute. The sail bursts open in a plume resembling a balloon. 

3 Boats

Key sailorsIt’s not every day that you see a house ladder standing on the water (far left). Crew members of a tugboat tending a fuel barge spent an afternoon jumping from two stories high into the York River.

Behind the barge, you can see a 40-foot sailboat sailing past. It looks diminutive by comparison, and it is. Barges like this lie offshore from an oil terminal that pipes the product to Philadelphia. It used to be a major refinery until it went bust on a bad futures play.

Look closely at the bridge of the Vane Bros tug. Note the height. The bridge rises and falls to the level required to see over the deck of the barge it’s pushing. When the barge is fully loaded, as here, they can lower the bridge. They kept it high because soon the barge will be empty and rise ten feet higher in the water. When it comes to tugs, they’ve thought of everything.

Summer MemoriesKey sailors

While becalmed sailing in the York River, Andrea Dougherty and her friend Ray recalled their childhood memories growing up near the water. Nearly everyone has vivid recollections of weekends at the lake, boating on rivers, fishing off a dock, or playing at the beach. That’s what summer is all about.

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key sailors key sailors

key sailors

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