Sailing with Old FriendsPam Martin took Tony Telesmanic out for an early evening sail. She raises show horses and they both are high-powered office supply execs. He used to be a Navy SEAL. He looked every bit the part, with a build so strack for his age, which I put around 50.

Once when Tony was serving on the cruiser USS Harry E. Yarnell off San Diego, a reckless sailboat kept crisscrossing the front of the ship until the captain ordered, “Dis-mast that boat!” Crew members hustled to the bow and threw lines overboard to snare the mast and boom of the sailboat. The momentum of the 7,800-ton Yarnell yanked the superstructure. USS Yarnell

Janice and Clint Cox went to graduate school with John and Donna Dooley and have remained friends ever since. While sailing in a brisk afternoon breeze on the York River, we covered Sailing with old Friends medical science, refinery economics, and the decline of history. One issue remained unresolved: Why won’t our grown children answer their phones?

Members of the Cassels family recalled sailing in the British Virgin Islands as they ran 27 miles along the York River. The tropical temperatures and cool breezes are comparable, albeit the aqualine blue water is left to the imagination.

Sailing with old friendsSteve McLaughlin and Tom Zultowski of New York took their wives and close friends out for an afternoon of sailing. They talked about the human and social destruction of Superstorm Sandy, including 101 homes that burned down at Breezy Point. Their own motorboats burned as well, but they seemed unfazed. They grew up in Brooklyn and went to high school together, and recalled trips they’ve taken together. As one of the ladies put it so eloquently, “These are the family we chose.”

Let’s Go Sailing with Old Friends

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sailing with old friends sailing with old friends sailing with old friends

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