“My mom grew up near the water in Massachusetts,” said Molly Warmbein while sailing the York River on a brisk afternoon. “She used to go down to her father’s sailboat every day after school and sit on the bow to do her homework. I think she still misses sailing.” So Molly texted her a photo of a wonderful afternoon she and her husband Mitchell spent on the water.

Sailing to Freedom

??????????Some foreigners think America’s freedoms have made our nation weak. Claude and Gail Klink spent nine years in Saudi Arabia where he ran a fiberglass production plant. “An Egyptian accountant, who was an otherwise educated man, blamed the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks by saying, ‘You have failed to stop people from crossing the [state] borders.’ I responded, ‘You don’t understand freedom.”

Claude explained that America remains one of the few countries where one doesn’t have to carry ID everywhere to show police. Gail picked up on the weakness theme. ‘“Government does not control the people, so therefore the government is weak,”’ she quoted foreigners. “Well, in our country the government serves at the will of the people. You can do what you want as long as you don’t infringe on other people’s freedoms.”

Colorado Sailing

Sailing Reminiscence
Grand Lake sailboats

High atop the Rocky Mounties lies Grand Lake, one of three connecting lakes where sailboats are scarce. They suffer fluky winds, bitter cold water, violent weather changes. Then they have an isolated geography of 8300 feet elevation. That limit fleets to day boats of 16-28 feet.

Despite that, the chic Grand Lake Yacht Club dates to 1902. It claims to be the “world’s highest yacht club,” long before “highest” had a double meaning in Colorado. A regatta runs every summer for the Lipton Cup. It’s named for the tea tycoon who never set sail on a boat until he turned 50. For years afterward, he pursued the America’s Cup trophy as sailing’s ultimate prize.

Let’s Go on a Sailing Reminiscence

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sailing reminiscence sailing reminiscence


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