The ride of their lives

Two couples from Florida got the ride of their lives in 20 mph winds along the York River. For safety’s sake  I had everyone suit up in Class I life preservers. Johnny Motoc held the helm throughout. Under a reefed mainsail we plowed out toward the oil terminal, where one freighter was making weigh while […]

Sailing the Gamut

Sailing the Gamut

  You could say we went Sailing the Gamut, with every conceivable experience on the York River except one. In light but steady winds, the entire Shields family of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, chipped in to help fly the spinnaker. I don’t normally do that on a hot day because the going downwind on the spin […]

Immigration Waters

If you think immigration reform is controversial in America, try Canada. Susan McBride Friesen is a lawyer/lobbyist for the Canadian mushroom industry, and she regaled us while sailing with her husband Larry and his brother and wife. “Canada allows visiting immigrants to stay five years legally, and then they have to go back to their […]

Sailing Reminiscence

“My mom grew up near the water in Massachusetts,” said Molly Warmbein while sailing the York River on a brisk afternoon. “She used to go down to her father’s sailboat every day after school and sit on the bow to do her homework. I think she still misses sailing.” So Molly texted her a photo […]