May 28, 2015 Children, History, Sailing

Kennedy Sailors



Kennedy sailors are an American icon. President Kennedy made it glamorous by sailing on his sloop Victura out in the Atlantic off the coast of the Kennedy compound. Ted Kennedy enjoyed the contemplative nature as a sailor so much so that he cruised off Hyannis Port the day before he died. Now the family is back in the news with word in Boat U.S. Magazine that John Jr. and Caroline Kennedy’s childhood sailboat Scallop has been restored. It’s a 12-foot ketch Beetle Cat that was built in 1969. “The boat was commissioned by Jacqueline Onassis and shipped to Greece when the family lived there,” the magazine reports. “When Scallop was stripped down to bare wood for restoration, the original paint scheme was revealed, so the boat once again sports its first colors. Those colors were verified in a letter from Caroline Kennedy, who said that the unusual color scheme was similar to those found on a Greek fishing boat.” Scallop recently sold at auction for $13,750 to an investment firm in Asia, making it worth more than $1,000 a foot.


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