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Great Day to Learn Sailing

Great Day to Learn Sailing
The 17th annual spring sailing class of WALT rose to the occasion in rising winds that started flat and grew to 15 mph over the course of a six-hour run.
Great Day to Learn SailingUnder the guidance of Williamsburg Charter Sails, the class learned the three reaches of sail. They got numerous and extensive turns on the helm as the boat heeled 10-15 degrees much of the day. At first, the tilting was awkward but the class quickly adapted and began to associate heeling with speed. 
They also got to run downwind three miles on a spinnaker tack. It began on the north side of the York River, headed southwest in a diagonal toward Wormley Creek. Once on the other side of the river, the boat turned 30 degrees to head directly upriver past Yorktown under the center of the Coleman Bridge.
Great Day to Learn SailingThe class zoomed under the bridge past the Yorktown Naval Weapons Station. A lone Navy patrol boat lingered off the pier, on watch following the US attack on a Syria air field. One fellow on board, a retired Navy captain, wondered why the Navy didn’t target the runways as well. That would have reduced Syria’s immediate followup. 

Let’s Go Sail, to Learn

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Great Day to Learn Sailing

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