Baptism of Sail Spray
A couple from Northern Virginia came to Williamsburg for the weekend to go sailing for the first time. They wound up getting a baptism of sail spray.
Julie Koontz gave her husband Mike a unique birthday present of sailing the York River. On a bright, sunny day with steady winds of 12 mph, we set out downriver on a north wind. It took us straight out to the red/green PR channel marker, where the Perin River separates from the York.
Baptism of Sail SprayThey both quickly learned the Close Reach and Beam Reach, distinguishing between the two depending on the strength of the wind. They learned how to finesse the helm under challenging winds, and how to cope with rising waves. It was the best and fastest 31 miles I’ve sailed this month. And a unique birthday present at that.
Julie asked about my Realtor Cruise and Boatbuying Cruise. The first takes people up close to shore to test the dept for building a dock. Clients get to snap photos of their new house from the water. The second cruise focuses on talking people out of buying a sailboat and instead renting through Get My Boat.
Baptism of Sail SprayWhile heeling to 15 degrees, the matter of the Charlottesville riots came up. “They’re trying to take down the statue of Stonewall Jackson in Manassas,” Julie said. “I went to Stonewall Jackson High School. They can’t do that. Jackson’s fame derived from the Battle of Bull Run, aka First Manassas. Mike said, “In Leesburg, they covered the statue of Lee.”
Fortunately there’s nothing political or controversial about sailing fast. It’s quite an adventure. I sent them up to the bow to relax after an exciting day.

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Baptism of Sail Spray

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