The fastest sailing on Earth took place during the 2013 America’s Cup in San Francisco Bay. These $100 million catamarans rose up out of the water on hydrofoils, which can be seen in this video. They touched an astonishing 55 mph. America was down 8-1 and roared back to win 8 straigt to win 9-8. We found out later that the American’s cheated by “scooching” the tiller. They pumped it back and forth to generate a little forward movement before the wind kicked in. New Zealand came back two years later to retake the Cup. That video is below. For a more leisurely cruise on the York River, try Williamsburg Charter Sails.

Sailing Near Canada

America's Cup 2013
Fred and Barbara Johnson

Fred and Barbara Johnson live in Ely, Minnesota, close to the Canadian border. While sailing with their family on the York River, they recounted how it got down to 21 degrees one night in mid-October. In winter, low temperatures hover below zero.

America's Cup 2013The lakes freeze three feet thick, “enough for snowplows to clear lanes to cross the ice,” their son Ben said. “People who own islands will wait for the deep freeze to drive logging trucks across with lumber to build their house,” he added. Fred said, “On thinner ice, sometimes guys will take their pickup trucks out there… and sink them. As for snow, “We’ve gotten flurries while watching the Fourth of July parade,” Fred said.

Next, Walter Watson and his girlfriend Nahja spent a relaxing afternoon sailing off Yorktown in gentle breezes. They were accompanied by Joan & David Sivley. Together they heard a short narrative of the Yorktown battle on land and sea, somewhat different and more informal than the official version by the National Park Service.

Holland Sailors

Things brightened up considerably on a drizzly day in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Ana as John Shulson of Williamsburg took friends from Holland and Hampton sailing near Williamsburg. The conversation got around to restaurants, since friends Dana and Phillip Epstein own and operate the famous Grey Goose in Hampton.

Dana said they have 4,200 followers on Facebook, which is astonishing. They contribute food to the regional Food Bank and through churches to reach the homeless. The winds were blowing favorably for everyone on this day. The Dutch had no complaints about the drizzle since they get that every day at home.

Let’s Recall America’s Cup 2013

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america’s cup 2013 america’s cup 2013

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