Pursuit of Sailing

Renee Williams took her husband Spencer sailing on the York River as a surprise birthday present. She was reluctant to take the wheel but proved highly capable in brisk winds that required reefing (reducing) the sails. They want to get into motorboats or sailboats near where they live in Northern Virginia. I told them how to defer buying a boat by renting on the Potomac River through either of two popular websites.

This happens a lot when women reluctantly take the wheel. Suddenly they feel the power and the maneuverability of a rack and pinion helm. Many women take the wheel at first and never give it up. Their husbands are always good sports, admirable of their accomplishment and eager to please. 

The preferred website is getmyboat.com, which can put you behind the helm of thousands of sailboats all over America. You can request a captain or pilot the boat yourself if you feel confident about the boat and the waters. I recommend taking the captain/owner the first time to get the lay of the water. Then have him tee up the boat at the end of a dock where you can easily navigate a landing. Let the captain dock his own boat as you walk away.

Let’s Go for the Pursuit of Sailing

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pursuit of sailing

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