Success Story Sailing
Gary and Phyllis Glass

Phyllis Glass of Columbia, PA, was sailing with us with her husband Gary. She recalled a harrowing counterpoint. “Our daughter-in-law is a parole officer for juveniles in Lancaster. They had to move her from an office in the courthouse to the school so she could be closer to the parolees. She wears a bulletproof vest.”

Janet is a retired social worker whose career was spent inside New York City Public Schools. While sailing with her friend Mary on the York River, she recalled a success story.

“I had a particularly difficult case of a boy whose mother was dying of AIDS, and he was devastated. We put him in foster care but his foster mother was dreadful. We finally got him adopted, and when he left our school I created a little photo album with pictures of his teachers and friends. On the last page I added my cell phone number in case he needed help. Low and behold, 12 years later he called me to tell me he was all right, and thanked me.”

Success Story SailingLynne Randall lives in Texas and is working on a social studies project for the University of Chicago. She was in Williamsburg and went sailing with her husband Richard. “We’re studying the effects of Medicare and Medicaid on the general population to improve the programs. The study has been going on since 1974 with extensive interviews of 9,000 people from all 50 states and the territories to provide better service nationwide. Around 450 people are rotated every three years to get more results.”

Navy Cruise
Sailboat too close to ship

People ask, “Do you ever see two Navy ships at once?” An hour later we watched as two Navy ships transited the Coleman Bridge to the Naval Weapons Station within a half hour of each other. That was a first. Check out the video below, which shows a Navy ship transiting the Coleman Bridge at Yorktown.

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success story sailing success story sailing


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