Sailing brings out the best in people, including how they became healthy. Diane and Jim Glassmeyer of Marion, Ohio, joined two other couples on a brisk run along the York River, where she told a compelling story.

“I was a corporate vice president for a big media company, proficient on both the radio and newspaper side of the business. I was working too hard, failing to exercise, and gaining weight. Finally my son got after me to do something. He was running a gym and told me that I needed to get my life in line. He discovered Advocare, a program addressing weight management, sports performance, wellness and energy.

Advocare, Sailing Healthy“I lost 70 pounds seven years ago and have managed to keep it off. I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and am much better now although there is no cure. I was getting cramps at night, and my son put me on a dehydration product that worked. Do you know how much everyone needs to dehydrate? Divide your body weight by two and that’s how many ounces of water you need daily.

Their secret is to balance daily intake of food by eating six small meals. Jim said, “Americans do all right during the day, but then they take in most of their daily carbohydrate intake at night eating munchies while watching TV.”

Diane concluded, “My son quit the gym business and got a distributorship. He’s making a million dollars a year now. Jim and I work about ten hours a week on Advocare.”

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