Soaring to Sail, Williamsburg Charter Sails

While out cruising the York River, people on my boat are intrigued by the three-masted schooner Alliance, which is another way visitors go soaring to sail. “Is that your competition?” they ask. In fact, I have 76 competitors because that’s the number of things to do in Williamsburg according to Trip Advisor. (I’m No. 30 overall and No. 1 among 19 Outdoor Activities.)

Soaring to SailCompetition in the visitor economy is more for their time than their dollars. People want to enjoy a unique experience while on vacation. Surprisingly few come to Williamsburg to soak up the history of Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown or Yorktown. But they are ready to check off their bucket list.

That brings me to Brandon Marks, who got married on our boat last week in a unique ceremony. He works for a touring company that runs visitors up into the sky to see Alaska with breathtaking views. At $389 for a 35-minute trip to see a glacier, the rates will also take your breath away. But he said people are standing in line to do it. See for yourself at Seward Helicopters.

Let’s Go Sail

The season is open for sailing on warm sunny days. Check rates and pick a day for a sailboat charter. See reviews on Trip Advisor from sailors just like you.


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