Teachers Sail, Williamsburg Charter Sails

Two school teachers from Sunfield, Michigan went on their first extensive sailboat trip by venturing out into the York River on a warm and windy spring afternoon. Because the winds were coming from the south, we were able to cut through the waves and reach the “lee shore,” next to the Yorktown Battlefield, where the winds and waves were considerably calmer.

Karin Raymond and Cheryl Gaskill were unfazed by 20 mph winds and utterly enjoyed the experience.

“This is nothing like a bus burning,” Karin said cheerfully.


One time the tour bus caught fire
The tour bus caught fire.

“I drove a tour bus in Alaska during college, and one time it caught on fire. The starter kept spinning and got overheated. It burned the engine first and then the bus. Two years later I had another bus fire, where the tire caught on fire and spread up the tailpipe because of a severe wind from behind.

“The luggage in the rack below was lost. These old people were trying to get back on the bus to get their personal stuff. A man tried to go down the aisle because his wife kept hollering at him to get their camera. Smoke and flames were coming from the back.

Fireman Helped

“I was fighting to get the manifest log removed from the front seat. A volunteer fireman opened one side of the bus to gain access to the fire, and that fed the flames instead. It was a smoldering loss by the time it was over.

“I went home and called my mom to say my bus burned, and I had just lost my cat. A few days later a nice woman came to my door with an identical cat, but  it wasn’t mine. She insisted, so I took in the cat. He checked out the feeding bowl and the kitty litter, and settled in. He probably met my original cat who said, ‘You take her, she’s crazy.’”

They're crazy about historyKarin and Cheryl are crazy about history and crazy about teaching children. Then their enthusiasm for the Battle of the Capes and the Siege of Yorktown spread to Colonial Williamsburg. “I can’t wait,” Cheryl said. At the end of the day, while docking, she added, “Captain, you need to raise your rates—but not today. This is the most wonderful thing I’ve done in my entire life!”

Let’s Go on a Teachers Sail

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teachers sail teachers sail

Teachers Sail, Williamsburg Charter Sails

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