Sailing to a Robbery

People ask, “Do guests share harrowing stories?” “My daughter Erin had started work as a bank teller. She had her head down when she felt round, cold steel right here.” Mary Baldwin pointed to her forehead. “Then a man in a mask said, ‘Push that button, Bitch, and you’re dead! Give me all the money.’ So she instructed the other tellers to cooperate, and he fled.

Erin was so shaken up that the bank sent her to another branch across town. And s month later a man in a mask approached her at her new teller job. ‘Push that button, Bitch, and you’re dead!’ he said.” He was never caught.

Sailing with Champions

Sailing to a RobberyTwo dozen young women who play field hockey for the University of Michigan went on a team-building cruise in 2014 in the Chesapeake Bay. It was organized by SailTime of Virginia Beach. They’re ranked 17th nationally in the coaches’ pre-season polls, and their confidence showed.UMich field hockey team

They took to sailing instantly by handling a challenging 15 mph wind with the aplomb of seasoned crew. Playing at the highest level of the NCAA requires superior athletic skills. But an added esprit de corps and fearless aggression led them to excel at running big boats in stiff winds.

Several sported big blue bruises from getting hit by the hockey ball at their practice camp in Virginia Beach. “I’d rather get hit by a stick,” one woman laughed as we sailed into the sunset.

Hurricane Ivan (Sailing to a Robbery)

Sailing to a robberyWhen Ivan smashed into the panhandle of Florida in 2004 as a Category 4 hurricane, Jerry and Linda Morrison lost their house in Gulf Shores, Alabama. “So it washed completely through and swept everything with it, leaving it barely standing,” Linda recalled while sailing and sightseeing on the York.

Jerry added, “It took two years to settle. The insurance companies don’t want to part with the money unless it’s only a repair job. Our house was totally destroyed. The first offer was for 25 percent of the value.” They were patient. Instead of getting an attorney, “We hired an engineer to make the case. Eventually we got the money.” Today they’re developing small houses along the coast. He added, “With 2 by 6 framing instead of 2 by 4, beyond required code.” Jerry surveyed the York River. “We just love living on the water and wouldn’t give it up for anything.”

Sailing to a RobberyQuote

“The glory of God is man fully alive.” -St. Irenaeus

Let’s Go Sailing to a Robbery

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sailing to a robbery sailing to a robbery sailing to a robbery

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