Sailing PoliticallyIn 1973, “I was a lawyer and had just moved to Virginia Beach from New York,” said Stuart Gordon while sailing on the York River. “I interviewed with a law firm in Norfolk, to help cover for Henry Howell who was on the road a lot. He asked me about Bobby Kennedy, since I had worked for him when he was running for senator.”

He continued, “We got to talking and I mentioned that my daughter had just won vice president of her junior high school class after only a few weeks at her new school. ‘Tell me all about it,’ he said with great enthusiasm. We talked for two hours and I got the job. I went home and told my wife and turned on the TV, and there he was – running for governor! I had no idea.” Howell went on to lose to Mills Godwin by only 5,000 votes statewide. Check out the video below for an introduction to Henry Howell.

How He Lost Weight

Sailing PoliticallyPeople ask, “Do you learn useful stuff while sailing?” Diet and exercise really work. “I weighed over 300 pounds,” said Stephen Coe of Virginia Beach while sailing briskly on the York River with his wife Frankie. “My doctor asked, ‘How long do you want to live?’ I said 147 years. ‘Well, you better lose weight.’”

So he and Frankie went on the South Beach Diet, and he lost nearly one-third of his body weight. “I’m down to 210 now. We eat low carbs, less sugar, no flour or white bread. I walk up to ten miles a day and I’m going to do a 5K this fall.”

DSC00093Youngest Sailor

Logan Chipman at age 2 is the youngest (and best behaved) child on the boat this season. He joined his parents Mike and Alicia Chipman and others on two corporate sails out of Yorktown as part of Family Day by Infralogix, an engineering service company based in Williamsburg. Logan is an experienced boater who has his own life preserver. On the back is a protruding shark’s fin that is simply precious.

Let’s Go Sailing Politically

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