August 26, 2014 Sailing, York River

Sailing Politically

??????????In 1973, “I was a lawyer and had just moved to Virginia Beach from New York,” said Stuart Gordon while sailing on the York River. “I interviewed with a law firm in Norfolk, to help cover for Henry Howell who was on the road a lot. He asked me about Bobby Kennedy, since I had worked for him when he was running for senator. We got to talking and I mentioned that my daughter had just won vice president of her junior high school class after only a few weeks at her new school. ‘Tell me all about it,’ he said with great enthusiasm. We talked for two hours and I got the job. I went home and told my wife and turned on the TV, and there he was – running for governor! I had no idea.” Howell went on to lose to Mills Godwin by only 5,000 votes statewide.


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