Anchors Away II

Anchors Away II describes the departure of a second Navy warship from Yorktown NWS on the same day.

Big Sail

Big Sail

Big Sail recounts a trifecta of vessels on the York.

Circumnavigation Sail

Circumnavigation Sail

Circumnavigation Sail has one fellow on a lake and another going around the world.

Secrets to Getting Married on a Sailboat

Secrets to getting married on a sailboat

  I get asked, “Are their secrets to getting married on a sailboat?” Let’s go sail the York River, where couples enjoy a serene three hours. Getting married in a unique setting is all the rage, whether on top of a mountain or in a canyon. These “venue weddings” are big in Williamsburg, where you […]

Hurricane Coming

Hurricane Coming

People ask, “What do you do in a hurricane?” The latest thing to do near Williamsburg is to batten down the hatches for the hurricane coming. Not since Isabel 19 years ago has a Cat 4 threatened the Virginia coast. At York River Yacht Haven, the yard crew pulled 33 boats of all sizes in […]

Shades of Improved Ego

50 Shades of Improved Sailing Ego

People wonder, “Is sailing an ego trip?” When you start out to sail, you set yourself apart from the rest of mankind who lack your ambition. You have chosen an adventure that takes time to learn, time to hone, time to perfect. Not everyone can do it. Already you feel better. You think, This beats […]

Sailing Wisdom, Life’s Metaphors

Sailing Wisdom. Life's Metaphors

People often ask, “Why is sailing so special?” Unlike any other sport, sailing lends itself to inspiration, as these three illustrations show. No other mode of transportation is so inspiring, except maybe trains (“City of New Orleans”), or the bus ride with Kathy in Simon and Garfunkel’s “America.” Sailing memories are a pleasant reminder of […]

Celebrate Summer by Sailing

Celebrating Summer by Sailing

I’m often asked, “Can you sail in light winds?” Yes, but it’s more challenging. Light winds on the York were enhanced by lively conversation among two groups one bright summer day. A New York City family joined a Richmond couple on a beautiful afternoon that left us celebrating summer by sailing. Daniel Rodriquez brought his […]

Ice Sailing Has Storied Past

Ice Sailing Has a Storied Past

People sometimes ask, “Is there a faster way to sail?” Oh yes, on ice! Before global warming, people used to sail on ice. It’s long forgotten, but our kin from the 1800s convey that ice sailing has a storied past. Americans live for speed and always have. Beginning with horse racing in 17th century New […]

Mega-Yachts at Sea

Mega-Yachts at Sea

Can super-yachts handle very rough seas? By Ron Larson, Encinitas CA I’ve never been on a super yacht in rough seas. However, I would say no. I would not want to risk my life on one in a major storm. I suspect that they would be fine, to a tipping point, then all hell would […]