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Hurricane Coming

Hurricane ComingHurricane ComingThe latest thing to do near Williamsburg is to batten down the hatches for the hurricane coming. Not since Isabel 15 years ago has a Cat 4 threatened the Virginia coast.
At York River Yacht Haven, the yard crew pulled 33 boats of all sizes in two days. There wasn’t time to power-wash the hulls, so some boats got mounted with barnacles intact and now imbeded semi-permanently. The main yard was cheek-by-jowl with mostly powerboats attempting to ride out Hurricane Florence on land instead of sea. 
Hurricane ComingOut on the fixed docks, nearly half the sailboats got pulled to avoid their lines snapping. On the floating docks, all manner of lines crossed from boat to boat and boat to far slip.
On K Dock, Let’s Go Sail is tied down with a dozen lines crisscrossing each other. Electric power remains on until cut by management “when we evacuate.”
Hurricane ComingTensions eased when Florence shifted its approach to more southerly, perhaps avoiding Virginia except for tropical storm winds. Regardless, it’s all good training for the next hurricane. Out on the York River, an oyster man harvested his catch on a brilliant summer day as the Coast Guard continued to train nearby.
Within days, the storm shifted to North Carolina, where it landed as a Cat 1 with extensive rainfall. The storm hovered over the coast and dropped more than 20 inches of rain on Wilmington. What a mess.

Viking Ship Due

Hurricane ComingThe National Sailing Hall of Fame just announced that the world’s largest Viking ship Draken is visiting Annapolis this weekend from Norway. It’s part of Expedition America, in which the ship is touring the East Coast this year. The tour, sponsored by Highland Park Single Malt Scotch Whisky, began in July and will wind up in Norfolk Sept. 27-30.
The tour aims to show Americans the modern-day Viking spirit on a reconstruction that is 115 feet long and powered by sail. When becalmed, the ship has 25 pairs of oars rowed by 2 men each.

Let’s Go Sail

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Hurricane Coming
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Hurricane Coming
Preparations continued at York River Yacht Haven as 33 boats got pulled up onto the yard while hundreds more were lashed down for Hurricane Florence.
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