August 21, 2014 Geography, Sailing

Sailing from Saigon

??????????Hue and Hung Ngo of Fairfax took their 9-year-old son sailing on a quiet day on the York River, long removed from their native Vietnam. They emigrated in the mid-1990s after eight years of processing by the communist government. “No siblings were allowed to leave together, and no parents,” Hue explained. “It’s easier today because the country is slowly learning how to govern. They realize the benefit of money sent back by families to Vietnam. You see modern houses today in Saigon of six stories.” Their parents still live in what was once South Vietnam, where “they tolerate the government.” Whatever became of MACV Headquarters at Tan Son Nhut, once the largest military base in the world? Hung replied diplomatically, “I was born five years after the war, so all I know is that it was repurposed.”


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