Sailing Past William & MaryDan and Catherine Marino of Chatham NJ took their family sailing near Williamsburg before their older daughter Juliana toured the College of William & Mary. She’s looking at the club sailing team, having developed experience on 420s with her sister Marisa. We sailed past the Marine Science School of William & Mary. The small boats sailed by the W&M sailing team are depicted below in a teaching video. Ironically, the instructors and named William and Mary.

Together, they crew a challenging boat and can even fly a spinnaker while hiked out on a trapeze. “This is a lot easier,” Juliana said about running a Hunter 32. And we didn’t tip over, either. They operate out of Lavallette Yacht Club in south Jersey, which has an extensive program for juniors.

Quiet Like a Balloon

Sailing Past William & Mary
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People ask, “Is sailing quiet?” Lou Ann Bell of Virginia Beach took her friend Dee from rural Missouri on an evening cruise with SailTime Virginia Beach. Lou Ann did great as a rookie running the helm of a 36-foot Hunter along the coast past Thimble Shoals Light toward Hampton. Once, they took a balloon ride together in Arizona, but this lasted longer and didn’t have the startling sound of a fire thrust every few minutes.

“It’s so quiet out here,” Dee marveled. Lou Ann added, “I also did iFly here, indoor skydiving where you’re in a tube with an observer as you free-fall against a wind tunnel effect.” That only lasts a minute or so. “This is awesome!” Lou Ann concluded and Dee concurred.

After the Wedding

The next day after a wedding in nearby Yorktown, Paula Spalding took friends and family along the York River. On a magnificent Sunday with clearing skies and building winds, no other sailboats showed up. I mentioned that to Marvin Nowak.

“We have a pontoon boat on an inland lake in Michigan, and we’re there every weekend and are surprised not to see more boats. The season is only 12 weekends, so you think they’d get out a few times at least.

“You also don’t see people along the shoreline in back of their house. I don’t know where they are.”

Indeed, I’ve sailed for weeks without seeing anyone out in their backyard along the river. What could they possibly be doing better than that? Well… boating.

Let’s Go Sailing Past William & Mary

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sailing past william & mary sailing past william & mary

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