Wedding Under Sail
A kiss on the bow

I get asked a lot, “Do you do weddings on board?” Brandon Marks wanted to surprise his fiancé Addie Misnier with a unique wedding venue. She always wanted to go sailing, so he chose the waters of the York River. The ceremony was performed by Pastor Chris and witnessed by Addie’s best friend Katherine. Then we ventured out into a brisk wind to celebrate their marriage. On the way out, we passed an osprey atop a daymark who was building a nest with her mate.

Wedding Under SailAddie is a travel nurse who has worked in St. Thomas, Napa Valley, Seattle and Alaska. Brandon is a commercial helicopter pilot who has flown transport in Alaska to remote sites. His company had him spend three months once in a wilderness camp.

Wedding Under Sail
Back to Alaska

They’re returning to Alaska, wheclick herere they met while working. What a day, what a couple, what a life.

Touring Rev City

Colonial Williamsburg teaches history in many ways, sometimes with subtle nuance that carries tremendous impact.

DSC00466Mimi and John Williams of suburban St. Louis toured Rev City for two days and found it fascinating. While sailing on the York River, Mimi related the debate they watched between the firebrand Patrick Henry and the law professor George Wythe.

“They were debating education, whether to educate everyone or just certain children. There were complications about three different kinds of schools for specific age groups. At the end, the audience got to vote whether to have narrow education for some or general education for all. We were all asked to stand to vote. So we stood up. The narrator asked that women sit down. Then he asked for those who didn’t own land to sit down, and those who were indentured, and so on. The point was that very few men made decisions back then for the populace. Before long, there was only one man standing, and based on a question he asked earlier I think he was a plant. It was an extraordinary teaching moment.”

Update: Colonial Williamsburg dropped Rev City as a specific event since it really encompassed a section of town. Check out the video below for a 40-minute tour down Duke of Gloucester Street.

Sailing with the Costume Nazi

Colonial Williamsburg is known for its interpreters, many of whom have channeled the personas of the characters they play. The “nation founders” include Washington, Jefferson, Lafayette, and Patrick Henry. They live and breathe their character to such an extent that they can answer any question in the very words those gentlemen used in the 1770s. It turns out to apply to shoemakers as well.

This arose while sailing the York River with Patti and Jim Johnson of Gloucester City, New Jersey. Patti is a dressmaker who works in bridal gowns for weddings and period pieces for the stage. “I asked the cobbler in Colonial Williamsburg if he had ever built shoes for stage shows. My kids who play in the period shows wear tennis shoes for a period play, and it’s awful. I just wanted to know if he could do it but he wouldn’t even respond, as if he didn’t understand me. It was very frustrating.”

Jim added that this happened years ago, and smiled. “Patti is still pissed. She’s the Costume Nazi.”

Let’s Go to a Wedding Under Sail

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wedding under sail wedding under sail

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