Sailing Like Ike

Students in Sail Time’s basic sailing course ventured out of Willoughby Bay into the James River, past the USS Eisenhower. The aircraft carrier was back in port after eight sailors were injured in March when the arresting gear on the flight deck snapped during a routing landing of a jet fighter. I once had a guest on Let’s Go Sail on the York River who served on the flight deck the day of the accident. He said they feared the AWACS plane that snapped the gear would crash into the sea. Check out the video below for what happened.

Sailing Past Traffic

DSC00061DSC00048People ask, “Do you ever sail near cars on the highway?” It’s a real trip. Traffic was backed up from time to time along I-64 at Willoughby Spit, as witnessed from a Catalina Capri 22. Three students from SailTime-Virginia Beach enjoyed the view while learning the basics in a brisk wind all day on Willoughby Bay. We observed a large regatta in which several classes of boats raced for hours. It was quite a sight to behold, best seen from the water than from the Interstate.

Sailing without Dogs

Can I take my dog sailing?Luxury is in the beholder, and a magnificent sail on the York River is about as luxurious as it gets. Unless of course you’re a dog. Scott and Kathy O’Brien were visiting her sister from suburban Scottsdale, Arizona. They left their dog behind at a pet resort. Scott said, “From the Wyndham, Kathy has been watching the dog on a live webcam. But it’s more like a still photo showing every 30 seconds.”

Kathy added, “Sometimes he’s completely out of the frame. But I saw his little butt in one photo.” They opted out of the swimming pool, massage service and TV. “It’s already costing more than to rent a car,” Scott added. The dogs get to frolic outside of the pen for 90 minutes a day. Scott said that’s better than prison.

Let’s Go Sailing Like Ike

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sailing like ike sailing like ike sailing like ike

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