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Sail on the Bow

Sail on the Bow

There is perhaps no better place than to sail on the bow of a boat along the York River. It’s a great place to contemplate life in the great outdoors as you glide smoothly through the water. You become oblivious to distracting surroundings.

Sail on the BowPeople often comment how serene it is to sail. Nowhere is that better than up front. Whether you like to be in the sun, be alone, or be with a loved one, try it. The bow offers a special place for conversation and meditation.

I’ve conducted two wedding engagements on the bow, both successful. To allay the fears of the fellow doing the proposing, I loan him a fake ring that won’t be a big loss if it gets jostled overboard.

Families enjoy sitting on the bow as a unique bonding experience.

Sail on the BowThis year we’ve added two cushions and a customized yoga mat to make the experience more comfortable.

Sail on the BowLet’s Go Sail

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Sail on the Bow

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