Party & Dolphins

One evening in 2013 we hosted three couples, all of whom are nurses at a big New Jersey hospital. They took turns at the helm, running the boat. And they took many creative photos as the sun began to set. What was truly remarkable was that during their singing and chatting and laughing, they forgot to pull out their cooler and food for drinks and snacks. When was the last time you encountered someone who forgot to drink?

Dolphins Spotted

Party & Dolphins

Dolphin Cruise
Today dolphins come right up the boat

Helen Lane, graphic artist for York County Tourism Parks & Rec, managed to do what no one has ever done on this boat — capture an image of dolphins in the York River, which she sent along to the rest of the crew. A lot changed since 2013 when this photo broke. Today dolphins are plentiful and frequent, roaming the river at all hours of the day and surfacing often to entertain boaters. But only for a few minutes, because they don’t want to spoil us. 

Dolphin CruiseFor at least the second time this month, dolphins popped up Wednesday in the York River channel to Sarah Creek. They come and go with no particular regularity, and they have been seen off Wormly Creek near the Coast Guard Training Center. Sometimes they swim in pairs, other times in pods. Instead of pods of three, we more likely see pods of 12 and 20. All of this results from the river water becoming warmer sooner in summer, due to climate change. They are a sight to behold, but hard to photograph since they move so swiftly and change locations rapidly.

What’s that Dredge?


A large and rather unsightly dredge arrived in 2013 from downriver in the James. It stood off the seawall of Kingsmill Marina, pulling up oysters 10,000 years old. According to the Daily Press, 1 billion shells have been “brought to the surface, washed and planted in deteriorating reefs to try to rebuild some of the best oyster rock sites in Virginia.” Most notably in the Rappahannock River farther up the Chesapeake Bay.

The next time dredges showed up in the James, they started to built 18 towers for a massive power line by Dominion Virginia. Controversy erupted over the eyesore, to no avail. Dominion rules.

Let’s Go Sailing for Party & Dolphins

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party & dolphins party& dolphins

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