Fast Pitch Sails PastKristi Olsen and a contingent of York County tourism officials sailed Wednesday. Brian Fuller of York Parks & Rec reported that 147 teams from 16 states are here this week for the Girls Class B World Series of Fast Pitch Softball. They’re playing on fields across York, James City and Williamsburg.
Top pitchers can throw as fast as 68 mph. While that may seem less threatening than the 90 mph found in Major League Baseball, he said the softball distance to the plate is only 43 feet vs. 90 feet 6 inches in the majors. That’s fast.
Fast Pitch Sails PastKristi has distinguished herself as a world-class promoter of all things York and Yorktown. Many of the public events are centered in Yorktown, where Let’s Go Sail occasionally docks for passengers.
The Farmers Market every Saturday is regarded as one of the most comprehensive on the Virginia Peninsula. It goes well beyond food to include crafts and specialty items. By contrast, the Farmers Market in Williamsburg is notable for allowing dogs, but that doesn’t matter to Yorktown.
The town dock at Riverwalk Landing hosts up to 20 landings of mid-size cruise ships that come in from the East Coast. The route begins in Nova Scotia and ends in Charleston. American Cruise Lines ships pull into port on Saturday evenings and depart Monday or Tuesday.
Fast Pitch Sails PastPassengers disembark to tour Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and of course Yorktown
The town’s historical center is the Siege of 1781 when American and French troops under Gen. George Washington and Gen. Jean Baptiste Rochambeau trapped the English forces under Lord Cornwallis and forced them into surrender.
The battlefield is operated by the National Park Service. The Commonwealth of Virginia opened a $50 million museum on the other side of town, called the American Revolutionary War Museum at Yorktown. 

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