August 23, 2015 Children, Memories, Sailing, York River

Memories on the Water

Patti Clark took her family of grown children on a cruise along the York River during a week-long “staycation” that included golf, water sports, shopping, dining and a massage. Sailing brings out the best in everyone and occasional memories of the water that are less than great.

“My father hated lines,” she recalled wistfully. “If there was a wait at a restaurant, he was gone. He was very impulsive, where everything had to be done right now. My mother hated the water, simply hated it. She couldn’t swim and was afraid of the water. When she died we were going to scatter her ashes in the mountains as a memorial. My father insisted we scatter her ashes on the lake instead. We went out there one morning in the pouring rain and stood by the edge of the water. It was awful.”

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