Pam and Dennis Ard of Atlanta worked their way up and down the arc of boating by owning motorboats that were 30, 38 and finally 32 feet long. Today they are dedicated RVers, who went sailing on the York River near Williamsburg on an eastern seaboard trip to Charleston, Hilton Head, Wilmington, Virginia Beach and Williamsburg.

Their goal is to go camping in every state, and so far they’ve done 30 of them. Dennis said, “The biggest OMG for me was in eastern Oregon, driving along a desert so remote that even the birds won’t fly over it. It looks like Hell until you drive over a hill and all of a sudden you see these great rows of what looks like plowed earth. It’s the lava of the High Desert.”
Pam said, “My big OMG was Sequoia National Park in California and the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. You just look at those mountains in complete awe.” Dennis said, “We do five days at a time in a given place because it’s a lot of windshield time to get there. North Dakota, I can tell you there’s nothing there. We spent a month in Washington State. Mount St. Helens was amazing. Weyerhaeuser replanted all the trees after the volcano and it’s beautiful.”

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