June 16, 2015 Navy, Sailing, York River

Mariner Spectrum




Two ends of the mariner spectrum were captured in a sea change along the York River. A waterman heads out for the day to drop his crab pots in search of all manner of bottom fish while the destroyer Mitscher transits toward the Coleman Bridge and Yorktown Naval Weapons Station. The Mitscher was the Navy’s official welcoming ship when the Hermoine arrived in Yorktown from France two weeks ago. Earlier we spotted what looked like two baby dolphin scurrying in the water. An hour later the Coast Guard issued an alert that manatee had been spotted at the opening of the York River and mariners should avoid contact. We wondered if our siting was the same manatee. Later a Moran tugboat went barreling down the river back to Norfolk after helping dock the Lake Champlain at the Navy pier. Closer to shore, another waterman was oblivious to all of this as he methodically raised and lowered his dredge while a diesel engine roared in the background.

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