Howell 3

??????????The Howell family enjoyed a beautiful afternoon sailing on the York River, near Williamsburg. After all these years, the three sisters retain varying degrees of their native Georgia accent. That led to a generalization that people outside the South find the drawl charming in women but not so much among men. It could be that movies have stereotyped Southern men in a bad light.

Houston problemReally Happen?

A couple I took sailing on the York River asked if this well-known picture was real, or an optical illusion, or Photoshopped. I don’t know, but it recalls Roy Scheider’s reaction in the movie “Jaws”: “You’re going to need a bigger boat.” Certainly the dolphins of the York River don’t jump in.

Summer Sail

Sailors were anxious that the prolonged winter would keep the waters cold for weeks, but Sunday on the York River  in 2014 seemed more like summer than spring. Breezes of 15 mph from the southwest brought warm air and brought out the boats. It’s about time.

Houston AirportHouston problem

This week’s snowstorm in January 2014 diverted our flight to Houston, where we were stuck for 24 hours. The charms of an airport wear thin, but the layover provided time to make some observations. Women travelers dress well, but attractive women dress to kill. Men dress like slobs.

United Airlines offered perfunctory help, but the agents were largely clueless and helpless. Never saw a police officer, which is understandable since TSA had long cleared us from any weapons. But if a frustrated traveler had rebelled from the long lines that rarely moved, what then? Parents tried valiantly to entertain their small children.

Everyone was busy punching their smart phones, but the more serene people were reading books. The PA systems in the terminal and on the planes are bad enough with their armor-piercing volume, but the gratuitous announcements and promotional pitches are worse. Everyone bore up well under the circumstances. 

Let’s Avoid the Houston Problem

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Houston problem houston problem houston problem

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