Dolphins Galore

Dolphins Galore

People ask, “Do you ever see dolphoins?” During the summer of 2014, the Verellen family of suburban Pittsburgh hit the jackpot as three pods of dolphin suddenly showed up alongside our boat in the middle of the York River. As we picked up speed with the wind, the dolphins dove below the boat, crisscrossing without ever touching the hull. All around us, we could hear them breathe and see them blow water.

Dolphins GaloreSometimes they remained in place, playfully jostling each other. They darted too quickly to predict their movements, but there were so many that eventually we caught photos. The shot that got away was of a single dolphin diving straight up out of the water and elegantly falling backward with a great splash.

It was an exhilarating show that extended 20 minutes, and then they disappeared into the deep. To see more dolhins, check out the video below and move forward to to 40 second mark.

Pipeline Explained

??????????The controversy over extending the Keystone oil pipeline south through the U.S. Midwest has languished for years. While sailing on the York River with his family, Jay Verellen explained the alternative. He works in marketing for a big industrial company that makes drill bits and heavy machinery.

“Canadians are frustrated to the point that they may redirect the pipeline westward through three provinces to reach the Pacific coast. From there, the oil will go to China instead.” That was no small irony as we sailed past the former Yorktown Refinery, whose production equipment was dismantled and shipped to… China.

??????????Sailing to Margaritaville

Following repairs to the mast of the sailboat, Let’s Go Sail is back on the water. Tiffany Reaves and her friends enjoyed a magnificent sail on the York River, with Jimmy Buffett singing in the background. He’s still playing concerts, and several of them crew were planning to attend one this summer. Check out the video here.Reaves

Let’s Go See Dolphins Galore

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dolphins galore dolphins galore dolphins galore

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