Sailing to ChurchNewlyweds Angela and Josh Purdy just moved to Seaford from rural Indiana and are thinking of buying a sailboat. They spent the afternoon learning how to sail while zipping along the York River in a brisk breeze. They found it exhilarating and easier than they had imagined. And they learned how to “see” an approaching gust and adapted quickly to shifting winds.

Now Josh is the new pastor at the Church of Christ in Seaford, where he’s looking to grow the congregation by rebuilding the church website and by blogging. Meanwhile, Angela tutors writing students online, a mind-boggling process (to me). She agreed that students’ grammar and syntax ain’t what it used to be.

Special-Ed Sailing

??????????I’ve had several special-ed teachers on board this season. All of them are special people who count their own blessings while educating children with the patience of Job. Chris Wheaton is a teacher assistant in Chesapeake who works with ten or so developmentally disabled children in elementary school.

Do the kids ever make progress? “Oh yes. We had a boy last year who wound up mainstreamed back into a regular class. Turned out that what he needed most was the right medication,” usually Ritalin or another methyphenidate to help them focus better.

Down Syndrome children tend to be stubborn, and others have myriad issues that block learning. Does she have great patience? “With kids, yes, but not with computers. I hate computers.”

Sailing from a Tornado

Sailing to Church

People ask, “Do guests have horror stories?” The horrible Tuscaloosa tornado struck in 2011, but children still cringe whenever a thunderstorm rolls through. Misty Brooks and her friend Terry work as special ed teachers. So they helped round up children whose parents got lost or displaced in the event. One boy lost his entire family. Video below captures the tornado as it crushed the city. 

“They rounded up the Tornado Kids, as they came to be called. And one Sunday took them to Bible School to get back to normal,” Terry said. “Afterward, when they came outside, church members had 15 new bicycles lined up for them.”

Let’s Go Sailing to Church

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sailing to church sailing to church sailing to church

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