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Commemorative Sail

Every summer I take Nanci Bond and Ellen Janoncyzk out on a commemorative sail on the mutual day of their late husbands’ birthday. They were both named Bob.

Commemorative SailOn a virtually still day with the York River like glass, we motored over to the other side of the river and all the way out to Tue Marsh. We covered myriad subjects: art, history, politics, family, children, grandchildren, weather, Colonial Williamsburg, sports, South Dakota, California, birds, movies, comedy, gardening, football, women, high school reunions, philosophy, clouds and more.

It was like a scene out of “My Dinner with Andre,” only better because it was on a sailboat. Curiously and fortunately, we did not discuss drugs, crime, war, work or Donald Trump. The waters remained placid.

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