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Adrenalin Rush

Sailing can be downright inspirational. Donna Schmoyer’s son is a Pennsylvania state trooper who happened on a stalled van one frigid snowy night, stranded on the shoulder of Interstate 81. While assisting, he noticed a Mustang sliding directly their way on the ice and shouted for everyone to run. As they scattered, a teenage boy jumped in a ditch for safety but the Mustang promptly flipped and landed on him upside down, crushing the boy. A crowd assembled and could hear his moans. They circled the car and with a collective adrenalin rush lifted it up just enough for Donna’s son the trooper to pull him out. At the hospital, the boy was so severely injured that doctors wanted to amputate his crushed leg but his father refused. The boy recovered, went through rehab and eventually won a basketball scholarship to Penn State. The accident happened on Christmas Eve. “It was a miracle,” his mother recalled, “a Christmas miracle.”


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