Midwestern IngenuityBoating builds self-confidence, among other things. Mike Ahfield of Birdseye, Indiana, related to me while sailing the other day how he helped perform an unusual rescue. Worse, he and his brother and nephew were out on a rickety Jon boat when the transom began to depart from the top of the stern.

The weighty outboard slipped backward as if to lie down in the water, pulling the stern down. And they were sinking from water rushing in the gunwale. Mike quickly rigged up a line around the neck of the outboard. Then he righted the engine and the transom as best he could while the other two went to the bow and pulled tight to keep everything relatively upright. Then they fired up the outboard and made it to shore safely, with a true tale to tell.

Midwestern IngenuityHistoric Honeymoon

Brooke and Nate Wallinga got married in Sioux City and hosted a reception for 350. The next day they flew from Iowa to Virginia. “People said we should honeymoon in Cancun or somewhere like that, but we wanted to see our own country, where America began.” After touring Williamsburg, they’re off to Washington DC. Who says young people don’t appreciate history?

Redoubt 10

Redoubt10Nondescript cliff at left is part of Redoubt 10, the pivotal point of the Battle of Yorktown in 1781 that ended the Revolutionary War.

Even though we went for first time, Connie and I enjoyed sailing more than we expected! Midwestern IngenuityAnd as much as sailing the York River, we were fascinated by your knowledge of the history of the area. Then when we took the history tour of Yorktown the next day, we realized that we learned
some history about the American Revolution from you on the water that wouldn’t have made sense if we had only seen it from land. ÂThanks for a great time, and we will make the 3-hour drive again, just to sail with you!”  –Steve Caronna

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