October 30, 2013 How to, Sailing

Bungee Sailing

Kevin Schmoyer indulged his wife Donna with a sailing trip because it was on her bucket list. They have also bungee-jumped, as has their friend Ted Vigeant. Ted regaled us with his death-defying jump hundreds of feet off the original bungee bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand. “They asked if I wanted to touch the water, splash in the water, or stop short of it,” he said with some amazement. “They can dial it in that closely.” He chose to stop short because “I didn’t want to get wet.” Ted has also flown in a biplane and a glider but has yet to jump out of a plane. Both couples also have enjoyed hot air ballooning (“it’s sooooo quiet”) and long-wire zip lining. By comparison, sailing the York River in a stiff breeze turned out to be pretty tame.  Donna checked it off her list – with a caveat, “I want to do this again!”Bungee

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