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Tale of Two Couples

Two couples sailing the York River enjoyed opposite timelines. Jan and Bill SpeDSCN2890DSCN2893ndley have been married 52 years and do nearly everything together. Tyrell Gardner and his date Shawna are engaged to marry . Tye is finishing up his master’s on the way to medical school, which left us all in awe for his dedication. We wound up in a productive discussion about the Affordable Care Act. Without that in place, Bill observed that if Tye were his son he would spring for $12,000 worth of health insurance over multiple years with an interest-free loan. Bill’s logic was, “You’d help insure your son’s car, right? What’s more important than his health?” As it happens, EVMS will insure Tye once he’s enrolled since the med school puts an equally large value on its investment.

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