Yorktown Sail

Brainy Sail

After a decade, they’re taking down the empty fuel tanks at the Yorktown Refinery.

Secrets to Getting Married on a Sailboat

Secrets to getting married on a sailboat

  I get asked, “Are their secrets to getting married on a sailboat?” Let’s go sail the York River, where couples enjoy a serene three hours. Getting married in a unique setting is all the rage, whether on top of a mountain or in a canyon. These “venue weddings” are big in Williamsburg, where you […]

Buying a Sailboat? Do it Yourself

Buying a sailboat? Do it yourself

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxU-kkiYFeU People ask, “Is it difficult to buy a sailboat?” No, and you can do it yourself without a broker. At Let’s Go Sail, the Boat Buying Cruise is for those who are determined to own their own sailboat. Unless they’re flush with cash, I recommend buying used. For one thing, the engine is already […]

Sailing Healthy

Sailing brings out the best in people, including how they became healthy. Diane and Jim Glassmeyer of Marion, Ohio, joined two other couples on a brisk run along the York River, where she told a compelling story. “I was a corporate vice president for a big media company, proficient on both the radio and newspaper […]