Season Opener, Let's Go Sail

People ask, “How early does the season beging?” We begin in mid-March for hardy sailors who can tolerate the chill on the water. For the season opener of Let’s Go Sail in 2017, Hannah and Jeff Davis drove up from the Danville area of Virginia to take their daughter Haylee and her friend Bella sailing along the York River on a brisk March afternoon. It was quite an adventure of high speed and 10-15 degree heeling. 

Season Opener, Let's Go SailHannah operates several Victoria’s Secret stores in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, which takes up to two hours to get to every day. One store has 180 people on the payroll, which is huge for a shopping mall outlet.

Jeff is a digital engineer who works for a big company and travels extensively.

Why live in Danville, which seems so remote? “My parents are two doors down the street and my sister lives nearby as well. When we need them, my mom is happy to take care of Haylee. The two of them are great together.”

The couple travels at least once a year on a cruise ship, the bigger the better. “Of all the cruises we’ve been on, I don’t think we’ve ever explored the entirety of each ship. They’re that big.”

Jeff is a competent fisherman and noted that striped bass season is about to open in Virginia. “They get this big sometimes,” he said, stretching his arms out to three feet.

Season opener
They saw a Navy sub approaching

“One time we were fishing offshore once near Oregon Inlet when all of a sudden a few hundred yards away a Navy submarine surfaced right in front of us. It was really cool.” Was it American? “I hope so, but you couldn’t tell if it was Russian or American.”

Let’s Go Sail the Season Opener

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season opener season opener season opener

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